The Lorrimor Legacy

33: Further in, further up...

Trial of the Beast

As they discuss their next course of action, the whispering from the Mummy in the sarcophagus draws their attention, and Nisca and Narsius hold a peculiar conversation with it that eventually results in Narsius receiving the Mummy’s magic ring in payment for giving him his due respect and promising to assist in his eventual freedom from this place. Continuing their exploration they find one room dominated by a stuffed Bulette (which gives them a momentary fright), and in another room the remains of various sea creatures in which Nisca finds a hidden stairwell. Pausing, Narsius, Variel & Shala head down bellow to the cadged area where the Golem had come from, where they note three opened crates they guess once held the Rust Monsters they’d encountered in the ruined lab. They also find three opaque glass jars, but after the first reveals a hideous head, they decide to avoid further study of the others.

Rejoined by Oanon, the three head upstairs, leaving Kendra & Nisca behind. In a large storage room Variel opens a crate, releasing a pair of screeching Medusa heads, which quickly fall under Nasius’ dominion. Exploring further, Shala sets off a trap that floods the rooms with acidic fog, forcing them to flee back to safety, but damaging their gear and destroying their clothes. Discovering their is little else in the building, they finally notice Kendra & Nisca are gone, and that the rope-bridge has broken (or was it cut?). Worrying about wither they are safely sleeping back at the manse, or if they’d fallen to their doom, the gang curls up to sleep upstairs (except for Narsius, who goes to sleep in the room with the taxidermy’d Bulette, listening to Oseriani bed-time stories from the Mummy).

The next morning they awake to hear shouts of a concerned Nisca and Kendra from the far side of the gorge. With some effort they manage to restring the bridge (thanks to the help of their magical rope), and Kendra repairs servant and guard livery for them to wear. United, the Heroes push forward from the Meuseum along a narrow ledge towards a collection of towers further up. Once there they find a recessed stairwell and a door rusted shut, bucking outward from some internal pressure. Working together (and with a little magical aid), they eventually pop open the door, finding the internal hallway partially flooded, and the stairwell across the way collapsed and blocked with rubble. Heading through the flooded hall to the right, Narsius manages to stumble into a deep watery patch while turning the corner, and is attacked by a large swarm of leeches – soon they are all fleeing for their lives from the toxic things, and little seems to slow them, not even Oanon’s summoned water elemental. It isn’t until Kendra pulls out her staff and invokes an even larger swarm of wasps to hold them off that they get respite as they cling to the cliff-side outside of the towers, and all breath a sigh of relief once her insects win out over the leeches. Battered, poisoned and leeched of a little blood, they retreat back to the manse to recuperate before attempting another foray.


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