The Lorrimor Legacy

37: Eyes in the Wood

Broken Moon

While traveling the following day the company draws up when a scream is heard off in the wood. Dismounting to find it’s source, Nisca leads a party consisting of herself, Aaron, Shala and her three duelist companions Hastor, Alyser & Francis. Hastily moving along they note a broken pouch of coins and hear yet another screech, until they stumble into a clearing with a ruined tower at it’s heart, and note melodious harp music. Alsyer & Francis seem to be enchanted and begin walking forward in a trance, and while Nisca and the others manage to shake them free, such freedom is short-lived as they quickly succumb again, returning to their march towards the tower.

Giving up, they follow the enchanted pair until they enter the tower proper, at which point both the music, and its’ odd effects, stop. Everyone is somewhat shocked to find a number of figures hanging from the rafters of the hollowed-out structure, cocooned in web, but before they can investigate further, Hastor is snagged by a strand of webbing and yanked down a hole. Following, the merry band finds an immense monstrosity with the head of an insect, the torso and arms of a beautiful woman, and the lower half of a silk-worm. Though frightening it proves unable to lay a claw on Aaron and Nisca, and the gang make short work of her.

After investigating the webs and cocoons and taking what treasures they may from the human corpses (including a blood-stained room reservation for one Echtmoor Dravin at Ascanor Lodge, set for a week ago), they set out to return to the rest of their caravan, but are ambushed en-rout by four Ettercaps, who do their best to entangle them with their webs while skittering about above in the trees. After filling two with arrows and wounding a third the survivors flee.

Camping early to avoid the storm, the others watch as the new, improved Aaron wanders out to get struck buy lightning and revel in the power he briefly gains, his metal halo crackling with electricity.

The following day they find a dead man tied to a tree, a knife stuck in his chest and his mouth full of flowers. In investigating further Nisca, Shala, Aaron & Kendra are peppered with arrows when a tripwire is snapped (though Nisca’s armor protects her from the brunt of it). Continuing their inquiry, they note the knife is silver, the flowers wolvesbane, and the arrows coated with the alchemical substance known as silversheen.

Pushing on, they manage to make Ascanor Lodge latter that day…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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