Character creation guidelines

Beyond following the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide, here are the basics:

Stats are the usual roll 4d6, pick out the best three, spread as you will.


Besides what is mentioned in the CCPG, I’m willing to allow Tieflings (as per Pathfinder #25) & Gearforged (from Kobold Quarterly #16). I will point out though I’d rather not see more than one member of any race in the game except for humans – they are the norm in Ustalav, after all. If we can, at least a third to half the group should be Human.


In addition to the Core & APG classes, I’m allowing the following others from other sources…

  • The Magus & the Gunslinger from the Ultimate Magic/Combat playtests (to be replaced with their associated book versions once those are out, of course)
  • The Temptress (from the Conan RPG)
  • The Archivist & the Dread Necromancer (both from the Heroes of Horror D&D 3.5 supplement)
  • The Assassin, Monster Hunter, Noble & Survivor (from the Freeport Companion)
  • Assorted classes from Tome of Secrets
  • The Godling, the Death Mage, and possibly others from assorted Genius Guides
  • Variant Druids from the Kobold Quarterly issue # 15
    That all being said (and I know that gives a great number of tasty tasty options), please try to use core classes (possibly with Archetypes) when you can and be mindful of the party as a team needs certain roles to be filled to succeed.
Various Feats, Archetypes and what-not…

…may also be allowed from these & other sources as I see fit on a case-by-case basis. Certainly Drawbacks from Tome of Secrets will be allowed.


As usual, you get two. Where possible, try not to take the same ones as others – I don’t want to see “Rich Family” more than once, for example.

Hero Points

Yes, as opposed to the optional Harrow Points from the CCPG. However, in addition to normal HP uses, they may be used to generate Alignment effects if one is of the appropriate alignment (as per Harrow Points in the CCPG) or purchase Plot Twist cards.

  • Note: PCs that are higher level than the current adventure supports do NOT get hero points (once their level falls in line, they may get them as normal). If the ACR of the party proves too high, the hero point system will be put in abeyance until APL falls within the appropriate level of the scenario.
  • Note 2: Antihero option is now in play – do try to be heroes though. The option to avoid death using two has already saved one PC from certain doom!
  • Note 3: Any character who’s level is two low for the adventure receives bonus plot-twist cards in addition to hero points.
New/replacement character levels

New PCs come in at the minimum level appropriate for the current adventure. Replacement characters come in at a level equal to either 1 less than their last character, or the bare minimum for the current adventure, which ever is higher.

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Character creation guidelines

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