House Rules

Chips & other markers

Yellow poker chips are in play being used for Hero points, while black chips are used for representing Insanity points. Glass beads are used for Grit points (for the rare Gunslinger).


The Critical & Fumble decks are in play. Condition cards are handy if we need ’em. A Harrow deck is handy purely for in-character prop & play (Towers, anyone?). Plot Twist cards may be “bought” with Hero points on a one-per-one basis; any unspent Plot-twist cards revert to hero points at the end of a session.

Insanity Points

We’ll be using the Insanity & Madness rules as defined by the Gamemastery Guide & modified by the simple San Point rules provided in the Carrion Crown AP.

Levels & Experience Points

XP are being kicked to the curb. All characters level once particular milestones are reached, bringing PCs to an appropriate level for what’s going on in the campaign. Cohorts level up as well, to two behind the party level.

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House Rules

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